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The subject of nutrition is definitely not my core competence.  I don't know nutritional science in detail. BUT: I have a very good body feeling. My body reacts extremely sensitively to stimuli and always speaks the truth to me. I'm curious too. Plus, I was sick of being sick so much. As a professional cyclist, there were seldom 4 weeks in a row in which I could train healthily and according to plan. As a track and field athlete, I was often injured. My tendons become inflamed very quickly. Now as a retiree, I have the time and energy to try things out on my own body.  


Once again sick in the middle of a seminar tour in September 2017, I bought Orthomol Immun at the pharmacy. Oh, it helped! I started taking Orthomol Immune preventively on every tour. In addition, in 2018 I began to look around for other (better) alternatives on the previously unknown market of dietary supplements and decided to test different manufacturers in different periods to determine their effects on my immune system, energy level and susceptibility to injury to test.

The results are sometimes very impressive: more performance in long units, no more hunger pangs, flu became shorter and less serious, a protracted Achilles tendon irritation disappeared after 3 days, the general feeling of stress improved. I did not feel direct positive results with all of the tested, but with many.  


My primary goal: First and foremost, I want to find the best products on the market for my immune system. I have to test a lot of products for that. With the help of this blog I would like to let you participate in my long-term product tests and offer assistance to those who also want to start effectively wanting to help their health in addition to the well-known means such as diet, exercise or sleep, but do not want to test extensively for years, as I do here .  

You can find detailed, honest user reports from the brands mentioned under the following links:  



Tested products: Daily BioBasics, besustained, HeartFormula, ImmuneFormula, Vitamin C-Plus, BioticBlast

Objective: 1. improved immune system, 2. more energy and performance in general, 3. surprise ??



tested products: boost, antiox

Objective: 1. improved immune system, 2. no more hunger pangs during long units, 3. 2. more energy and performance in general, 4. surprise ??


Tested products: Collagile activ

Objective: 1. less / no injuries to tendons or muscles, 2. better strength development


Tested products: Super Green, Forever Beautiful, Muscle Power

Objective: 1. improved immune system, 2. improved strength development, 3. improved muscle building, 4. more energy and performance  general, 5th ???


tested products: Basics, Activize. Restorate, Fitness Drink, Power Meal, Protein Ultra

Objective: 1. improved immune system, 2. more energy and performance  in general, 3. no loss of performance during long sports units, 4. improved regeneration after exercise, 5. meal replacement, 6. ???

Nutritional advice


I am not a qualified nutritionist. I am only writing about my product experiments with various dietary supplements. If you are looking for professional nutritional advice,  I recommend the former world class runner Kristina da Fonseca Engelhardt (formerly Wollheim). She is a doctor and an absolute expert. Your contact:

Dietary supplement industry - a rip-off?

The entire industry of dietary supplements - especially the companies that do not sell their products through traditional pharmacy sales, but through recommendation marketing such as Lifeplus, Herbalife, Juiceplus, Fitline or Ringana - have a very bad reputation in this country. There is talk of rip-offs and the German Nutrition Society says that only pregnant women and extreme athletes need additional vitamins that they cannot take in through their diet. But why do I feel so much better and have measurably (30s per km) better performance in running since I started taking nutritional supplements? Why has my perception of stress decreased and my emotional balance increased? What we need to survive and what is good for us to make us feel better makes a big difference.

I think the main problem behind referral marketing's bad reputation is some of the people behind it, not the products. There are many who either sell too aggressively or in a secretive way and / or serve up any lies and fictional studies as sales arguments and secretly isolate themselves from critical voices instead of openly reporting on experiences and making true arguments. Example: "Studies" and articles are distributed among Lifeplus networkers (but they are not allowed to be published ... find the mistake!), Which claim, for example, that our soils contain far fewer nutrients than before and that we therefore no longer do so through our diet can supply sufficient vitamins and minerals. However, the facts are different, as disclosed by the consumer advice center, for example. This type is actually dubious moneymaking. I dissociate myself vehemently from that.


I let my body speak the truth and follow its signals. Goes without food supplements. I can do better. 65 EUR per month for the Lifeplus Daily -  as a practical example -  I personally find little money to feel better, to be less sick and to have more energy in general. In addition, I even have the opportunity to earn money on the side through my recommendations, if I want. I don't make any money by recommending good doctors, good restaurants or my favorite skis. Referral marketing is the first fair, democratic sales system. Anyone who recommends what they love has measurable benefits. There is nothing wrong with that, absolutely nothing.   

My conclusion: Even if a company has a bad reputation, it does not mean that the products are generally bad. It's still worth giving the product a chance. Just try it out and see if it is beneficial for your own body. And if it brings you something, why not recommend it to others, draw your attention to the careful dosage and be rewarded for the recommendations? I have heard many very credible testimonials that have had and have a very positive effect of vitamin intake through dietary supplements on people's physical and mental health. My experiences just line up. It is a shame that none of the manufacturers spend money on studies that finally prove what we users experience on our own bodies every day. That would finally silence the many critical voices.

It is always important to keep a close eye on your consumption. That means you should keep a close eye on the volume of the additives ingested. The risk of overdosing on substances that cannot be excreted by the body - such as fat-soluble vitamins -  shouldn't be underestimated. For example, I took less than the recommended daily dose of Daily all these months because some vitamins were very high there that you should be careful with.  

What is referral marketing anyway?

Everyone who recommends a product earns money from their direct and indirect recommendations. Here is the Lifeplus example:

1. To be eligible for commission, you have to order 40IP (approx. 65 EUR) of products for yourself per month.

2. You tell 5 people about Lifeplus. They buy products in the Lifeplus online shop and enter the Lifeplus PIN that you gave them. From the sales of these 5 people you will be paid 5% commission = Level 1 recommendation.

3. These 5 people again recommend Lifeplus to 5 people and pass on their own PINs, which they are automatically assigned when they first order. So 5x5 = 25 people buy Lifeplus indirectly through your recommendation. From these sales you earn 25% = Level 2 recommendation.

4. These 25 people again recommend Lifeplus to 5 people and pass on their own PINs, which they are automatically assigned when they first order. So 25x5 = 125 people buy Lifeplus indirectly through your recommendation. From these sales you earn 10% = Level 3 recommendation.

5. Depending on how successful you are in levels 1-3, you will also earn up to 12% commission at the following recommendation levels 4-6.

6. A total of 60% of the sales price of each Lifeplus product is paid out to all persons who have recommended Lifeplus, directly or indirectly, and who make the specified monthly minimum consumption.

Other companies such as Ringana, Herbalife, Fitline, Juiceplus, etc. have other systems in which products sometimes have to be bought and then sold again. The systems differ significantly. At Ringana, for example, there is no minimum consumption and you don't have to buy anything and sell it again. Collagile does not sell its products through recommendation marketing, but through classic B2C direct sales.

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