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I also came across yoursuperfoods through Facebook advertising. The story behind the company is a special one: in his mid-twenties, one of the founders was diagnosed with cancer. His girlfriend left with one  orthomolecular nutrition expert advised and mixed all possible ingredients such as spirulina or cucuma together and administered them to her boyfriend. Despite chemotherapy, he quickly got back on his feet due to a strengthened immune system. Yoursuperfoods was founded.

The story made me curious. I have to try that! After all, I still haven't found a product that strengthens my immune system enough to prevent infections. My susceptibility to infections has improved and the infections are no longer as severe or as long; So far, however, I have not been able to avoid it completely. Maybe with yoursuperfoods?

With fresh bronchitis, I placed my first order in December 2019: Forever Beautiful  , Super Green and Muscle Power . As of January 1, 2020, I will stop taking Lifeplus Daily and test the products from yoursuperfoods.

Unlike Lifeplus , sells  By the way, Yousuperfoods does not sell its products through multi-level marketing (MLM).

Interim report January 2020

I took Forever Beautiful (antioxidants) for the first 2 weeks of the year,   Super Green (for immune defense) and Muscle Power. I was recovering well from my severe bronchitis, so I couldn't exercise for the whole of December. My athletic performance on the cross-country ski run did not suggest that I was out of action for a month.

From mid-January to February 1, I went on a business trip and decided not to take superfoods with me, as it is impractical to mix the drinks together and not always have the option to wash the container afterwards. Instead, I took Orthomol Immun in capsule form. After a few seminars in northern Germany in the damp cold of around 0 degrees, my immune system was on the brink for a few days. 4-5 hours every day  to spend such temperatures outside  Traveling thousands of kilometers at the same time and sometimes sleeping in the car puts particular stress on the immune system. That is why it is always a challenge for me to stay healthy on my seminar tours.  I decided to also take Umckaloabo. It helped: I didn't get sick. My immune system was able to recover during the tour.

Interim report February 2020

I spent February completely at home and with twice as much training as normal (approx. 8 hours per week) in preparation for the Engadine ski marathon. Now I took the yoursuperfoods products again with a spoon of Collagile  Active. Result: my recovery from training was faster than normal. The immune system was very stable. No sore muscles. Everything fine!

Update October 2020

In the meantime, Corona has conquered the world and a strong immune system is more important than ever. The facts speak for themselves: I haven't been sick a single time since January and my immune system generally feels very stable, which is extraordinary for me. It's hard to say whether it's just because of yoursuperfoods, because since January I've been taking iron tablets almost every day against my latent iron deficiency and because of Corona I wash my hands more often or use disinfectants. In addition, I have been taking OPC (grape seed extract), a potent antioxidant, regularly since January.

Muscle Power : I always take the powder when doing particularly hard workouts or strength training. The result can be clearly felt: faster regeneration, no / little muscle soreness. The ultimate test was when I got through a tough training session and without Muscle Power Powder I got sore muscles the day after. After taking it the day after the session, the sore muscles immediately disappeared.

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