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I met Ringana for the first time in 2017. I was given product samples, including Boost, the sports drink powder from Ringana. I tested Boost for the first time in the early summer of 2017 when I went on my season entry bike lap: 80km with 1500m (in one piece) in the Bernese Oberland - Interlaken - Grindelwald - Grosse Scheidegg - Meiringen - Brienz - Interlaken. So far I got hungry every (!) Time in Brienz at the latest. Most of the time I stopped there to eat a pizza and somehow get around Lake Brienz. In 2017 I started completely out of shape, but with 2 packets of Boost in the bottles. Result: NO hunger rest! That was enough to convince me. Further tests followed in 2019 while trekking in Nepal.


However, my main concern with taking nutritional supplements is to strengthen my immune system. It's not just about getting fewer flu-like infections; it is also about more serious diseases, such as cancer, for example, which, of course, can more easily defeat weak immune systems.

After the Lifeplus long-term test (Daily BioBasics) June 2018 to January 2019, I stopped Lifeplus and started taking Ringana antiox to test its effects. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any effects here and took it off again.

In April 2019 I tested Boost hardcore while trekking in Nepal. We hiked up to 10 hours a day. Our Manaslu Circuit Trek lasted 10 days. In that time we ran 150km with countless meters of altitude. I dragged my luggage (16 / 17kg) every day. The lowest point was at 700m, the highest at 5106m. I am testing 3 sports products: pure water, the High5 tablets and Boost. I took turns on the different days. It was definitely noticeable that I got tired on the days when I was just drinking water. High5 helped get through better. On the days when I took Boost ((on the particularly hard and long days), I felt a huge difference. I had no performance drops. After Nepal I ordered a supply pack and will only use Boost in the future long workouts.  

The special thing about Ringana products is that they are made from 100% fruit and vegetables. Accordingly, the vitamins it contains are dosed significantly lower than with Lifeplus, where synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to natural ingredients in order to achieve higher doses. However, Ringana products are significantly more expensive than the products  other brands.

If you want to try Boost or other Ringana products: Simply give my name or my partner number with your order  1511405 at. Ringana also sells through multi-level marketing. The system is different from Lifeplus. You don't have to have a minimum monthly order value to be eligible for commission and on the first (direct) recommendation level you get, for example, a direct 25% commission. If you have any questions about Ringana, just write an email.

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