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Lifeplus - A Long Term Test Report  

In June 2018 I started taking Daily from Lifeplus, a manufacturer from Arkansas / USA. At that time completely out of shape, I noticed after just 7 days that things were slowly going uphill. After 3 weeks I ran 30s per kilometer faster. On a high mountain hike I tested the effect on my skin: no sunburn without sunscreen after an 8 hour hike under a blue sky. Suddenly I also felt less stressed and generally had more energy in everyday life. I survived the seminar tours more energetically charged, then I wasn't finished as usual. I also had fewer flu-like infections than usual. One time I was on tour: I felt much better than normal and the infection only lasted half as long as normal.

Update September 2018: I tested Be., The sports nutrition product line.  My test experiences: I tested the product in different training sessions on different days in different sports. Sometimes with, sometimes without Be.sustained in the bottle. The result: it tastes like pure sweetener. A few minutes after taking Be.sustained, my body closed in one moment. Every time the same. Nothing worked anymore.  Like a hunger, but already after 20 minutes of roller skis. That didn't happen in the sessions where I only took water. I have never experienced such a negative effect on my performance after all these years of professional sport with umpteen different powders in the water bottle. My conclusion: absolute scrap!

Update February 2019


Now I have enough experience to be able to assess how Daily affects my immune system:  Unfortunately, the frequency of my infections has not decreased. On the other hand, the infections are less serious and are already over after a week, where they always put me out of action for at least 2 weeks before Lifeplus. Conclusion: The effect of Daily is not quite as hoped, but it definitely has a positive effect on my immune system.  

Hardcore test Nepal spring 2019


On my last trip to Nepal I was sick for 2 weeks - stomach and sinusitis. This time my big goal was: stay healthy! My way there: 1. A drug from the pharmacy to prepare the intestinal flora for Nepal; 2. All cutlery and food were sprinkled with colloidal silver; 3. One ImmunFormula tablet every morning before the hike; 4. One tablet of HeartForumula in the evening after each hike. Result: NOTHING! Neither gastrointestinal problems nor a cold or sinusitis or anything else. I was never at the limit. My immune system also felt completely stable, even on the pass day at over 5000m. I suffered for only an hour when my lungs couldn't stand the cold temperatures at 4500m and I got an hour-long asthma attack until the sun came over the mountain peaks.

Hardcore test Coronavirus "Epidemic" and Mera Peak Expedition 2020


From January to mid-March I only test yoursuperfoods products. Because Nepal is always a special challenge for the immune system and I had excellent experience with the very high-dose Lifeplus products in 2019, I will be from mid-March  I used Lifeplus products until shortly after the expedition ended at the end of April to make sure that my immune system can cope with the coronavirus epidemic despite a strenuous business trip through Austria and Italy. I will combine the ImmuneFormula with Vitamin C-Plus and take BioticBlast for 2 weeks at the beginning of my period to get my bowels in shape. The gut is the center of our immune system. After every seminar I will spray collodial silver in my throat and on site in Nepal on food and cutlery.

Lifeplus products are very dosed. Fat-soluble vitamins are also often dosed significantly higher than the recommended daily amount. Quite a few say that the recommended daily amounts are far too low. However, one should not underestimate the risk of overdosing on vitamins - especially with long-term use. That's why I prefer to use a lower dose of Daily BioBasics than recommended on the packaging. A nice side effect: a can (approx. 65 EUR) lasts almost 2 months. I only take products like Immune Formula - which has an extremely high vitamin B12 content - temporarily in exceptional situations where my immune system is very challenged: e.g. coronavirus epidemic, in Nepal or when the first signs of a cold or flu appear.

Update February 2021


In the last almost 21 months I have mainly tested other manufacturers for the daily vital substance ration in order to feel their effects. For a while it was RIngana, then yousuperfoods. At Ringana , the products for daily consumption did not convince me, I did not notice any positive effects. The Boost as a powdered drink for sports is absolutely amazing. With yoursuperfoods (which, by the way, do not sell via the MLM system!) I noticed a positive effect: my immune system was stronger; however, I didn't have the WOW effect that I had with Lifeplus Daily Biobasics in terms of performance. So I decided to take Daily again at the end of January 2021 and do another test. My athletic performance exploded again; just like my first test a few years ago. I reordered Daily today.  

If you want to test it yourself: simply PIN 8589805  in the online shop  Enter from Lifeplus and you can order it. Daily costs around 65 EUR for a monthly ration via ASAP order.

If you want to earn money with Lifeplus through recommendations and questions about the business concept, please send me an email .

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