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The most natural motion of humankind.

You always knew how to run? Just one step after the next, right? If running was that simple and the way most run was that natural,no one would get hurt. Maybe there is more to it after all.

Everybody knows how important technique is in swimming or nordic skiing. However, few realize that biomechanics in running are even more important. Why? Running is jumping. Jumping is extremely hard on your body.The impact of landing is multiple times the runner's bodyweight and therefore tremendous. The faster you run,the greater the impact also for featherweight runners. ou hear about injuries all the time among pro runners and hobbyjoggers.
Less than 3% of runners run efficiently. They not only put unnecessary strain on their body but they run much slower than their fitness levels would allow them. The more inefficient you run, the heavier your running feels and the slower you become.Your body is put through unnatural workload. Slow times and injuries give proof to suboptimal biomechanics. 
There is no reason to run unnatral and inefficient. There is nothing easier than running efficient.We all knew how to do it when we just started running as small children. We knew how to flythen,we still know it now.It only takes reactivation of old motion patterns in your brain. Thisis what FLUGPHASE does. FLUGPHASE does not teach new things but helps you leverage your potential. FLUGPHASE brings you back to the way of flying effortlessly you used to be able to do as a child. 

For beginners only?

Everybody knows how to run. Especially track & field athletes and triathletes know it. Short ground contact. Long flight phase. integration of plyometrics to improve your runingform just like your  licensed coaches and national coaches taught all those years? All of that is what running technique is about. Right?
That is what Larissa Kleinmann thought, too. She was proven wrong many years after she ended her running career,leaving her shaking her head at what opportunities and potential,and speed was left  on the track unused back in her days on the German national T&F team. The Laws of Physics were used to put unnecessary limits on her own performsnces but also the performances of her middle and long distance running peers. Biomechanics were neglected. All that counted was:running,running,running-in whichever method or speed or volume. Technique was a word never crossing anyone's mouth or focus- a HUGE mistake.

More than 1500 people learn how to fly in FLUGPHASE's running workshops. It is all about execution. Theory is explained for the cognitive brains,but focus lies on the ability to put theory into practice and fly not only on paper or Powerpoint. Simple practical exercise close to the actual intended motion pattern bring more efficiency and therefore more speed, lightness,and health into the lives of thousands of runners in Switzerland, Germany, Austria,and Luxemburg. GPS systems show improvements of 5s to 2min. per kilometer within a mere few days or weeks.


We were born without shoes. But we wear them daily. They are supposed to protect us. They are supposed to cushion us. They are supposed to stabilize us. But why??

Mankind is born to run. Our human anatomy is made to make us autonomous: to cushion us, to stabilize us, and to protect us using a perfectly tuned mechanical system made up of muscles,connective tissue such as ligaments, fascia or tendons, and bones. Our way of moving- our motion pattern - adds to the mechanical system: if you move efficiently, you protect your orthopedic health and save energy.

The product of the 80s were the start of a fatal development in the running shoe industry.This lasted until around 2006 when Newton Running came on the market. Still today, most running shoes in the shelves are extremely cushioned,high heeled, and many are artifically stabilizing. They all do what we are made to do on our own. Artifical help makes us weaker. Weakness makes us instable. Instability injures us. High heels mattress shoes prevent us from running efficiently. A vicious cycle to be finally broken!

Switching to natural running shoes is not enough, however, if your motion pattern was destroyed long ago and inefficiencies automized ever since. FLUGPHASE offers a pool of test shoes at its workshop. The essential part of coming backtothe human natureof efficient natural running form is working on biomechanics, doing technique drills, and building upfull-body strength and mobility.

The 5 factors of efficient running technique.

FLIGHT PHASES coaching concept.

Every FLUGPHASE seminar - whether online or offline -  is essentially based on "the 5-factor concept".. Over the span of hundreds of live seminars and thousands of participants, it became clear that there are 5 things that make you 1. become faster (or more training effort), 2. have more fun and light-footed jogging, and 3. run healthier and protecting the joints.  

Developing concepts based on anatomy and physics is one thing. Concepts are easy to develop. It is more difficult to explain the scientific theory behind concepts in a logical and understandable way, even for people who are not engineers, physicists or physiotherapists. A typical central European brain wants to know the natural science, logic, numbers and studies in order to be convinced of anything. Only a convinced brain without doubts can implement motion patterns. Even the best coaches in the world could never improve running techniques if the athlete is not convinced of the purpose behind changes. Therefore, in all FLUGPHASE seminars, the natural science behind the 5 factors is explained in a way that is understandable and clear for everyone.

FLUGPHASE's coaching concept has been pedagogically refined over the years. The insights into people's brains opened up the best possible way to achieve the one goal: to improve people's running techniques effectively and sustainably.

To achieve this goal, it is nowhere near enough to have a good biomechanical concept or to explain science logically. It is much more difficult to analyze movement sequences. by far the biggest challenge but it is to teach in a few hours an athlete sustained to implement a theory into practice the movement. Here it is not enough to learn physics and anatomy by heart and "throw up" in front of the customer. In order to teach movement sequences to people who are super talented athletes, you need all the more coaching talent:

1. an eye for movement sequences and the educational feeling of choosing the right exercises and giving the right instructions so that EVERYONE can successfully implement the motion pattern. 

2. To be able to execute the desired motion pattern yourself. In order to teach any technique, you have to know how it feels when you do it right. If you don't have a good running technique, you can't teach it to anyone else.

The classic running plyometrics known in Track&Field are definitely not suitable exercises to improve one's running technique. Especially not for normal (un) talented runners. The secret of coaching lies in the simplicity of the exercises and in pushing the right buttons in people's brains. The right buttons vary. One person needs one instruction while the other person needs another instruction in order to execute the exact same movement. A trained eye in conjunction with a good understanding of people form the basis for teaching motion patterns effectively and sustainably in the shortest possible time. You learn none of this at university or in coaching classes. It takes natural talent that you have as a coach or you don't.

Running shoes.

good and bad.

Man was born without shoes. Still, we wear them every day. They are supposed to protect us. They are supposed to dampen us. And they should give us stability. But why? 

Man was born to be an autonomous runner. Our anatomy enables us to dampen and stabilize ourselves by means of a perfect precision mechanical system made up of strong muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.  And through an efficient sequence of movements: with little expenditure of energy, run fast and for a long time without injuring yourself. 

It was the shoes of the past that forced us to walk inefficiently and with damaging joints. We estimate that a maximum of 3% of all runners in the western world exhaust their fitness potential through efficient movement. Our FLIGHT PHASE mission is to drastically increase this low rate and to help people no longer stand in their own way. 

The footwear has a great influence on the running technique. That is why we offer natural running running shoes for testing and sale at all of our seminars, which enable efficient running technique. Just wearing a flat running shoe is enough  not to get back to the natural running technique. A sequence of movements that has been automated over the years must be broken and retrained. That takes a trained eye and the pedagogical skills of a trainer. Only those who know what an efficient running technique feels like can teach it to others.  

You can find more about running technique and the philosophy of FLUGPHASE in the podcast interview with racing sandals .

Since FLUGPHASE was founded in 2013, Newton Running shoes have been available for testing at the Laufbahn 1.0 seminars. Why  Newton Running of all people, a very unknown brand from the USA? The answer is simple: Newtons was developed by biomechanics with a single goal: to make the natural, efficient running technique as easy as possible. All Newton models force the runner into a better running technique in a very aggressive way. That is why FLUGPHASE running technique seminars and Newtons on the feet are the most effective way to improve your running technique quickly and sustainably.


Einfluss auf die Lauftechnik.

Der Mensch ist ohne Schuhe auf die Welt gekommen. Dennoch tragen wir sie täglich. Sie sollen uns schützen. Sie sollen uns dämpfen. Und sie sollen uns Stabilität geben. Aber weshalb?? 

Der Mensch ist zum autonomen Läufer geboren. Unsere Anatomie ermöglicht es uns, uns selbst zu dämpfen und zu stabilisieren mittels perfektem Feinmechaniksystem aus starken Muskeln, Bändern, Sehnen und Knochen.  Und durch einen effizienten Bewegungsablauf: mit wenig Energieaufwand, schnell und lange laufen, ohne sich dabei zu verletzen. 

Die Schuhe der Vergangenheit waren es, die uns dazu zwangen ineffizient und Gelenk schädigend zu laufen. Wir schätzen, das höchstens 3% aller Läufer der westlichen Welt ihr Fitnesspotential durch einen effizienten Bewegungsablauf ausschöpft. Unsere FLUGPHASE Mission ist es, diese geringe Quote drastisch nach oben zu bringen und den Menschen zu helfen, sich nicht mehr selbst im Wege zu stehen. 

Das Schuhwerk hat einen grossen Einfluss auf die Lauftechnik. Deshalb bieten wir an allen unseren Seminaren natural running Laufschuhe zum Test und zum Verkauf an, die die effiziente Lauftechnik ermöglichen. Einen flachen Laufschuh zu tragen reicht alleine  nicht, um zurück zur natürlichen Lauftechnik zu gelangen. Ein über die Jahre automatisierter Bewegungsablauf muss gebrochen und neu antrainiert werden. Das braucht ein geschultes Auge und pädagogisches Geschick eines Trainers. Nur wer weiss, wie sich eine effiziente Lauftechnik anfühlt, kann sie auch anderen beibringen. 

Mehr zum Thema Lauftechnik und der Philosophie von FLUGPHASE findet Ihr im Podcast Interview  mit Rennsandale.

Hier ein Vortrag einer Professorin für Physiotherapie , die den biomechanischen Einfluss von traditionellen Laufschuhen auf die Lauftechnik wissenschaftlich erklärt:

Seit Gründung von FLUGPHASE im Jahr 2013 stehen Newton Running Schuhe zum Test an den Lauf Bahn 1.0 Seminaren zur Verfügung. Weshalb  ausgerechnet Newton Running, eine sehr unbekannte Marke aus den USA? Die Antwort ist einfach: Newtons wurde von Biomechanikern entwickeln mit einem einzigen Ziel: die natürliche, effiziente Lauftechnik so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Alle Newton Modelle zwingen den Läufer auf sehr aggressive Art in eine bessere Lauftechnik. Darum sind FLUGPHASE Lauftechnikseminare und Newtons an den Füssen die effektivste Art seine Lauftechnik schnell und nachhaltig zu verbessern.

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