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Collagile Active  

There is one more problem in my life than just my weak immune system:  Active aims  aimed at the healing and prevention of muscle & tendon injuries  with the help of  effect  bioactive collagen peptides . Like almost every former athlete, I am an invalid. My tendons in my foot hate running and have always been inflamed easily and for a long time.


Excessive roller skiing caused Achilles tendonitis in the summer of 2018, which had lasted for 6 weeks and showed no signs of recovery. After 3 days of taking Collagile Active  she was blown away. A short time later I overdid it when I went downhill from 600m. My calves were pulled. 3 days later, Collagile was all good. The next tendinitis came. 3 days later, Collagile was gone too.

Update after 2 weeks of daily use of Collagile Active: my water deposits in my legs are suddenly gone. My vein backflow is slightly disturbed and has always tended to swollen feet and lower legs when I don't move much. Update after 6 weeks: I don't get any more sore muscles and my muscles are a bit more defined than before. The skin is also a little fresher.

Update February 2019: no sore muscles, no muscle injuries, no tendinitis, nothing.

Update autumn 2019: I have suffered from chronic plantar fasciitis for 20 years. Since moving to Lake Lucerne and doing speed hiking sessions several times a week (faster hiking uphill, fast jogging downhill), I have felt that both tendons are suffering again from my running. In June I made the mistake of doing a long speed hiking session with worn out shoes. After that it was over with my tendons. The left tendon plate was inflamed, me  but could continue to run. I took Collagile every day. In September I ran out of supplies and the plantar fasciitis got (even) worse. I also noticed that the strength training was no longer working as well as it was before. Another observation: since I stopped taking Collagile, I've caught two mild colds in 3 months, after having been completely healthy for six months and even though I took either Lifeplus Daily or vitamins from the drugstore during that time. It's time I did  get me some Collagile supplies!  

A collection of scientific studies on the effects of bioactive collagen peptides can be found here . 

COLLAGILE 2018 3109_final klein.png

You can find user reports on the effects of Collagile in various FB groups:

The company Collagile - made in Germany - was  Founded in 2016. I went to the founder and we talked for a long time. An exclusive cooperation with FLUGPHASE  was the result. From now on, Gazelles receive a 10% discount on all Collagile products in the manufacturer's online shop. Discount code: flight phase06

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