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I've had a few points of contact with Fitline since 2005. When I was in the German national cycling team, I found out that the team masseuse was Fitline partner. The German cycling association provided us with FitLine products for the races. At that time, however, I wasn't concerned with what was behind Fitline. Over the years of my work for FLUGPHASE I have been contacted again and again by FItline partners. I learned from a FLIGHT PHASE customer that she hadn't been sick since taking FitLine 3 years ago. After testing various other manufacturers of vital substances for several years, it was time to put another market leader through its paces in practice.

Fitline, or PM International, focuses in its marketing on its patented nutrient transport concept (NTC) system, which is supposed to improve the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals in the body. This means that the substances should be absorbed and processed faster and better by the body. I have participated in several FitLine training courses, but so far I am waiting or looking in vain for detailed scientific information on the NTC. I would like to know exactly how biochemistry works, what FitLine does better than other manufacturers, or not.


My long-term test began in March 2021. I discontinued all other products that I previously tested to see the real effects of the FitLine products on my body. My plan: test the optimal set for 3 months, then go back to Lifeplus Daily for 1-2 months - the best product for daily basic care that I have tested so far - and then possibly again FitLine.

Like Lifeplus and Ringana, Fitline is sold through multilevel marketing (MLM), i.e. through customer recommendations. If you want to know what the business models of the respective manufacturers look like: just send me an email.

Tested products

Optimal set - daily basic supply with vital substances.

Fitness drink - I use it for long sports units in order, in the best case, to avoid a drop in performance.

Protein Ultra - high protein bar. I want to use this in long training units in the mountains (cycling, mountain sports, cross-country skiing, etc.)

Power Meal - a bar that, according to FitLine, is intended to replace entire meals. I will use it on a seminar tour abroad, if I can't find anything to eat after work (happens all the time) and in very long endurance units in the mountains. I would also like to take the bar with me to our Sherpahire .com Mera Peak Expedition in Nepal 2022.

March 2021 - first impression


The price determines the first impression. This is very high at FItline compared to the competition. A 3-month subscription in Switzerland pays 119CHF / month for the basic supply ( optimal set). This is very much. Comparison: Lifeplus BioBasics (Basics costs 65 EUR / month. YourSuperfoods pays a similar price for SuperGreen and ForeverBeautiful as Lifeplus. However, over the years I have seen that expensive products are very often - not always - better. I want an open mind It's all about the quality and effectiveness of the products, so I'm willing to pay the high price for testing on my own body. First and foremost, I want to find the best products on the market for my immune system Test products, no matter what they cost.

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