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The flight (phase) began in 2013. Larissa Kleinmann was asked to help build up you American running shoes brand Newton Running in Switzerland. She decided to do things different and help customer do what the shoe was made for: teach runners how to fly by making their biomechanic motion pattern more efficient.

Hardly any runner can run - efficiently and healthily. It was time to change the running world.


In its inaugural year of 2013, about 700 runners participate in FLUGPHASEs running technique workshops. Customers became lightfooted gazelles and wanted more. Soon, more workshop formats started.


Soon, companies came to promote corporate health among their workforces. The International Olympic Comittes was the irst "company"to invite FLUGPHASE.  Vodafone, Handelsblatt, UBS, AXA, Swatch Group, Audi, DELL, Daimler, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, SBB, Unilever, ALSTOM, Deutsche Flugsicherung,etc. followed suit.


FLUGPHASE'sgazelles are very diverse:from pure beginning hobbyjogger to professional athletes- allofthemwant to bring more effiency into their biomechanics and training methodology and less orthopedic stress.  

2017 turned out to be a breakthrough year. More individuals were inspired to start working on their running forms; German media house Handelsblatt introduced exclusive sports events to its subscribers.
FLUGPHASE organized and conducted 4 of those events: running & networking events as well as a panel discussion prior to the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Düsseldorf where top names of pro cycling discussed "team& leadership". Rolf Aldag (Performance Director Team Dimension Data), Hanka Kupfernagel (8-time world champion), Iwan Spekenbrink (Team Manager Sunweb), Sven Teutenberg (Event Director Grand Depart Düsseldorf), as well as Larissa revealed to a 150-string audience what managers could learn from pro cycling.
That was not all for 2017...
Taking her first vacation since founding FLUGPHASE proved to be a life changing experience for Larissa Kleinmann: one sleepless night after conquering RenjoPass at 5370m altitude in the middle of the Himalayas facing Mount Everest, Larissa had a vision:
A few hours later, the business concept was perfect. The world's first sherpa booking system was bound to be born the day after Larissa returned  to Switzerland. She put her experience from building up the business and brand FLUGPHASE into practice with a global reach and multi-national business setup. She hire a russian web agency to bring hervisionto digital life. went life in early 2018 to inspire more people to take a break, slow down, and start discovering.The Himalayas. And themselves. 
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