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Efficiency before alibi training. Quality before quantity.  Technology before training.

You don't have much time for training, but still want to achieve or even exceed your athletic goals in running, cycling or duathlon? You don’t think much of monotonous mileage? "Help helps a lot!" is not your mantra? Instead, do you want to train effectively and in a variety of ways from head to toe in order not just to become a faster runner, but also to feel fitter and better trained in everyday life all over your body? "Efficiency before alibi training" and "versatility before monotony" is the training mantra of FLUGPHASE. Based on 20 years of high-performance sport and 10 years of self-experimentation with various trianing methods and sports after the career, FLUGPHASE offers tailor-made as well as  standardized plans



Full body fitness
Full body athletics
Technology over scope
quality before quantity
Versatility over monotony
no junk miles

STRUCTURE - individualized plans

14 day plans:  

every 14 days a new plan is issued for the next 14 days


The training is geared towards strengths, weaknesses, goals, workload and family plans


mostly takes place by email.  


200 CHF / month

Individualized training programs can  can only be created to a limited extent. Please contact us to find out if we have free capacity.

Standardized training plans can be bought in the online shop . 

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