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This training plan prepares you for a half marathon in 3 to 4 training units per week with a preparation time of 3 months.


FLIGHT PHASE Pursues a versatile training philosophy that focuses not only on endurance, but on full-body athletics and mobility. Variety from monotony. Prevention before therapy. Technology before training. Efficiency instead of alibi training. Quality before quantity.


All FLUG PHASE training plans not only include running kilometers - sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes long, sometimes short - alternative sports, yoga units, mobility units, strength training, jumping strength training, etc. are part of a very versatile preparation that you will find in this training plan.  The alternative endurance sports are almost always part of the plan as optional training: e.g. 1:30 hours. Cycling or hiking or 45 minutes swimming.


The goal of every FLIGHT plan is that you feel stronger in everyday life and that you become fitter and stronger from head to toe.


Please try to keep the structure of this plan. The order of the training units has its training methodological sense. Only train when you feel healthy. Do not try to catch up on training that you have missed due to illness or injury. Always listen to your body, it speaks the truth. 


Each workout is given in minutes instead of KM in order to be able to serve all fitness levels. Ie who has a lot of talent and a good training base  has over many years, for example, with 4 units per week a half marathon in 1:30 hours. run, while someone with little talent and little sport in life runs 6 units of 2:20 hours. A content-related teaser for the FLUGPHASE plans can be found in the photos.


Before you start training, please have a sports doctor check you out. A stress ECG should be done regularly, even if there are no obvious symptoms.

Training plans tailored to your needs and time contingent  Running, cycling, duathlon and triathlon are available for CHF 200 per month. Simply send an email to and we will discuss the details.

Training plan half marathon / 3 months / 3-4 units / week

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