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FLUGPHASE cooperates with by providing trekkers from around the world customized training programs to get ready for their high altitude multiple-day trekking adventure.


FLIGHT PHASE focuses on versatile  training programs that address full-body strength and mobility while  building up overall cardio fitness to get you ready for your Nepal trekking adventure. This training  methodology will help you feel better and fitter in your everyday life and preventing overuse injuries. 


Once you have purchased your first program via our online shop, we assign you to a qualified coach who gets in direct touch with you to discuss your details & needs.


If you want to purchase more than one month of customized training, there are two options:

1. You purchase another program after each month is over. Your coach will then create another month of customized training for you.

2. You buy multiple training programs directly via the online shop. Just click on "buy" however many months you wish to get coached: eg if you want 6 months of customized training, add 6 training programs to your shopping cart and pay for them .


Please send us an email to after you have purchased the program so we can set you up with your fully customized program.


Upon purchase of the training program, you will receive a download link to the official Sherpahire Trekking Manual with practical information about your upcoming adventure. Your personal training program will be discussed via e-mail.


Nepal Trekking Training Program - one month customized

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