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Concept & content

The content of the online seminars corresponds to the content of the offline seminars . Only the division can vary a little.  


Each webinar consists of several videos, each with up to 27  Minutes are long. Each video discusses / shows a topic. Example: 1 video shows only the practical technical exercises including an explanation of the purpose of each exercise.

In order to keep the disadvantage of the lack of correction in the execution of the technical exercises as low as possible, every webinar contains a video with the typical errors and their correction that I see in the offline seminars.


what should be achieved through the seminars?


without training anymore. As implausible as this may sound, it is realistic and easy to achieve. Why? Because 99.99% didn't run efficiently, but 100% could when they were little kids. In the seminars - online and offline - you will not be taught any new movement patterns, only old movement patterns will be reactivated. This is the only reason why there is nothing easier than making runners faster. What improvements there have been so far after the seminars can be seen in the original sound and in GPS data  can be found here.



running. Do you think running is fun? You will be surprised how much easier it can feel when you learn the physical principles of gaining speed & lightness for free. Can walk and  should feel like flying when operated biomechanically efficiently. We want to understand this in theory in the seminars, learn it and put it into practice.


to run. Running is an orthopedically very dangerous sport because we  have to support 3-5 times the body weight on the flat; Much more downhill. 80-90%  of runners put a lot of strain on their joints when running and do not use their anatomical cushioning system. Changing that is one of the goals of the FLUGPHASE seminars.

online vs. offline


  • You can call up the videos as often as you want for the booked time

  • You can pause between videos and play parts over and over

  • You are independent of location

  • You are independent of time

  • You save travel costs

  • You save time

  • You get all the important information and explanations about running technique  compactly presented

  • You learn faster because you  Refresh the content and the exercises again and again by playing the videos again

  • You understand the theory better because you can look at and play the explanations over and over again

  • The information is clearly structured: there is a separate video for each topic


  • You will not be corrected live and in color 

  • Questions are not answered;  unless you book a package including video analysis that is carried out via Skype. All questions are answered in the 30-minute Skype meeting.

Target groups

Webinar run track 1.0:

anyone who wants to do sports and can move their legs. From the beginner who is "only" about health to the professional athlete who wants to get even faster but not invest much money in his improvement.

Webinar video analysis:

  • ambitious athletes

  • Perfectionists

  • scientifically & anatomically interested

Have you always wanted to take part in a FLUGPHASE running technique seminar, but haven't had the opportunity to do so yet?  


You have already taken part in a FLUGPHASE seminar, but have forgotten half of it and want a flexible, time-saving one  Refreshing?  

You would like the content of the  To be able to watch the seminar several times in peace in order to internalize it better?

Here is your solution: 

online Seminare - worum geht es und für wen ist was?

online Seminare - worum geht es und für wen ist was?

Lauftechnik - Wer profitiert davon?

Lauftechnik online Seminare - Welche FLUGPHASE Webinar Pakete gibt es für wen?

Lauftechnik - diese Ziele wollen wir durch eine biomechanische Optimierung erreichen!

Lauftechnik - der Fussaufsatz: Die Biomechanik hinter dem Fersenaufsatz, Mittelfuss und Vorfuss

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